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The Defense Against the Dark Artefacts (DADA) project is a collaboration between the Universities of Cambridge, Nottingham, and Imperial, addressing challenges in security and privacy related to smart home devices.These challenges result from the current, widely-adopted approaches in which cloud services underpin home IoT devices, where network infrastructure protection is minimal and little or no isolation is provided between attached devices and the data traffic they carry.

It addresses these challenges by:

  1. designing and implementing mechanisms for device traffic monitoring with a precise look at packet traces and device profiles;
  2. applying learning technologies to detect devices’ abnormal behavior;
  3. introducing techniques for dealing with traffic anomalies and restoring home network operability;
  4. putting the homeowner in the center of management by informing them of possible security threats and offering a choice of defences.

What is this wiki for

The purpose of this wiki is to provide an IoT crowdsourcing platform for smart-home owners where they can share information on their domestic IoT devices. This includes sharing of device behavioural patterns which are extracted from the PCAP traces uploaded by the user. Understanding device behaviour in real scenarios will allow us to address the project challenges by developing more precise and robust learning models for vulnerabilities detection and therefore, providing the user with more understanding and control over their smart-home devices in the near future.

At the current state, the project is in its starting phase and more participants are required in order to understand IoT behaviour in different home settings. The datasets for learning models are still at the stage of formation. However, by uploading device traces the users are currently provided with the graphical feedback representing their device traffic patterns and can therefore check if the device behaviour meets their expectations.

Note: All uploaded device traces which might contain sensitive data are anonimised by our processing engine. All personal application payload is removed before the actual analysis starts. For more detail please check our Privacy Policy

Contributing to the project

Before you start

Please get yourself familiar with our guidelines , especially with "How we use the device traces you upload" section. You can upload your traces only if you agree with the statements given there.

How to contribute

Please see our instructions on how to register, create and edit wiki pages the section "Information for Authors and Editors" of our guidelines.

If you would like to upload the PCAP trace of your home IoT device to see some behavioural statistics, please follow our instructions on capturing and uploading traffic traces .